30 November 2021

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Our Staff Football Friendly, for Children in Need, took place after school on Tuesday 22nd November.

Several of our staff had volunteered to take part in the event to raise money for this worthy cause.

The team players were:  

Team 1 - Mr Bailey, Mr Daniels, Miss Hunkin (Captain), Mr O’Neill, Mr Newsome and Mr Woodvine

Team 2 - Mr Blackburn, Mr Blakeley, Mr Davidson, Mr Duckworth, Mrs Henderson (Captain), Mr Saville-King, Mr Turner

Over 220 students bought tickets to watch the match! This made for such a fabulous atmosphere and lots of great encouragement for the players!

It was a really great match with lots of goals, along with near misses! The final score was 8-4, and the winning team was Team 1.  Congratulations to the winning team and thank you to everyone who took the time to play or watch this wonderful evening of football fun and helped us to raise the wonderful amount of £141.56 for Children in Need.

Thank you also to Mr O’Neill for the idea and doing such a great job organising the event and encouraging ticket sales.