Attendance and Punctuality Policy

We recommend that you read our Attendance & Punctuality Policy on our School Policies page.

Please see our school term dates here and details of our school day here

Please see our attendance leaflet below for full details about attendance at Balshaw's Church of England High School. 

Attendance Leaflet

Absence Reporting

Please report student absence in one of the following ways;


Please supply full details for the absence and note that school may still contact you about the absence if they require further information or clarification.

Absence Requests


The Governing Body of Balshaw’s CE High School adopted a position of not authorising holidays during term time, in line with Local Authority guidance.  Please be aware that if your child incurs unauthorised absences, the Local Authority may issue a Penalty Notice against you.

For further information, please see the Attendance & Punctuality Policy on our School Policies page.

It is a legal requirement for parents/carers to obtain the permission of the Headteacher before removing their child from school in order to take any leave in term time. Parents do not have an automatic right to take their children out of school for leave during term time and may be issued with a Penalty Notice (£120 per parent per child) if they do so without prior arrangement with the Headteacher. The legislation only allows the Headteacher to authorise such leave in exceptional circumstances.

To apply for a child to be granted leave from school parents should complete the form below and return it to school for consideration well in advance of the proposed leave and before committing to any expense. Upon receipt of a request the Headteacher will make a decision as to whether to authorise the absence, being mindful of government regulations and LA guidance. It is important that, if you believe exceptional circumstances apply, you provide this information to school at the time of submitting this request. Information submitted at a later date will not be considered. By definition, exceptional trips should not occur regularly.

Absence Request Forms are available from The Main Office and The Pastoral Hub. You can also download and print the form from here: Application for Leave of Absence.

Please complete the form in full and make sure that you sign and date it before you send it back into school.


One of our aims at Balshaw’s High School is to prepare our children for adult life. To this end we expect all students to be punctual at all times.

The school gates open at 8.30am when all children are expected to be at school and will be let in at their entrance should go straight to registration which begins at 8.40am. A student arriving after 8.45am will be classed as late to school and receive a late mark in their register and will have to make up the time with their Tutor. If a child is late after 8.50am he or she will have to go through the main entrance and have to sign in at the late gate and they will be given a late mark and a lunchtime detention that day. Any child who is late beyond 8.45am on any 3 occasions will will receive a late detention for 1 hour. Any child who is late beyond 8.45am 3 times in 1 week will complete 1 day in the School Inclusion Unit for poor punctuality.

Members of staff are always here ready to receive students in the morning from 8.30am. We ask for your co-operation in ensuring that your child leaves home early enough to arrive at school before the bell. No child should be in the school building before 8.30am.


It is a legal obligation that children of school age attend school regularly. If a student is sick, the parent or carer should telephone school that morning using our first day absence protocol. If a child falls ill in school parents will be contacted by school to arrange for their child to be collected and taken home. In the event of an accident requiring urgent medical attention an ambulance will be called and parents informed. Students should not contact their parents themselves for collection.