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Wellbeing Advice for Parents and Carers

Dying for a Dip

We and the North West Fire Service are asking you to talk to your children about the dangers of open water swimming. Unfortunately, during the last spell of good weather the Fire Service had to deal with teenagers swimming in a local quarry. Luckily, there were no fatalities on this occasion. Drowning is the third most common cause of death amongst teenagers. Many young people do not appreciate the dangers of the rubbish that often lies unseen under the water, untreated water causing diseases and freezing temperatures just underneath the surface. Despite the weather being hot & sunny for many days, or even weeks, this only warms the top few inches of water. Under this the temperature is cold enough to cause the body to enter shock conditions. Unfortunately, any of these dangers often prove fatal. We will be sending out a PSHE presentation on this topic to students and would like you to reinforce this important message please.

Thank you.

Carolyne Warburton PSHE Coordinator