Please see the documents below for Balshaw’s Church of England High School Local Offer, which details the support we as a school can provide for students who have Special Educational Needs:

SEN Documents

SEN Department Staff

For more information please contact: Mrs M Rogerson

  • Mrs M Rogerson - SENDCo and SpLD Teacher
  • Mrs L Ashworth - Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs N Crook - Teaching Assistant (Level 3)
  • Ms C Haggitt - Teaching Assistant (Level 3)
  • Mrs Z Harrison - Teaching Assistant (Level 3)
  • Mrs A Hrynkiw - Teaching Assistant
  • Miss L Kaye - Teaching Assistant (Level 3)
  • Mrs S Makinson - Teaching Assistant (Level 3)
  • Miss H Morgan - Teaching Assistant (Level 3)
  • Mrs Pye - Teaching Assistant in Science (Level 3)
  • Mrs J Stewart - Teaching Assistant (Level 3)
  • Mr J Tilley - Teaching Assistant (Level 3)
  • Miss Y Waring - Teaching Assistant (Level 3)
  • Miss K Waterston - Teaching Assistant (Level 3)

If your child is on the IDL Programme. They can access a specialist literacy computer programme designed for dyslexic difficulties here: Usernames and passwords can be given by staff in the SEN Department staff.

Looking After Your Child

Balshaw's is a school that prides itself on being a caring school. Each student matters to us and we aim to find an education that suits everyone both in and out of the classroom.

Our SEN Department has a very strong team of teachers, teaching assistants and support workers. Our liaison with partner primary schools allows us to follow children through their schooling enabling us to be aware of any extra help and support needed. Vulnerable students are particularly well supported with a nurture group in Years 7, 8 & 9 and additional support and withdrawal groups during the GCSE years.

Key Stage 3 Provision for Special Needs Students:

Students are supported in their learning by a structured intervention programme. The list below are examples of Wave 2 and 3 intervention

  • Individual withdrawal lessons
  • Small Learning Support groups for English and Mathematics
  • Targeted in class support across all curriculum areas to meet the student’s needs
  • Provision of diagnostic assessment for Dyslexia
  • Homework Club
  • Handwriting Workshops
  • Reading Intervention
  • Basic Numeracy Intervention
  • Time-telling Intervention
  • IDL Programme
  • Behavioural support for individual students
  • Student passports, Provision Mapping of Special Educational Needs
  • All students supported by the SEN Department follow the English and Maths Curriculum which is differentiated to meet the student’s needs
  • Social Skills group for students who have emotional literacy needs, ASD students and students with Aspergers Syndrome
  • Provision of support to aid exam completion
  • Specialist support from external agencies
  • Specialised curriculum

Key Stage 4 Provision for Special Needs Students:

  • Small GCSE Learning Support groups for English and Mathematics following the GCSE Syllabus
  • Withdrawal groups of students who are doing reduced GCSE options
  • Liaison with colleges for transition to higher education
  • Provision of Access Arrangements for GCSE exams for students who have specific learning needs
  • Individual support

The following links provide additional information and support for SEN students and their parents in Lancashire: