9 December 2022

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Our Middle School Council and Mrs Mackintosh, have been busy again this year organising shoeboxes for International Aid Trust. All our Tutor Groups were asked to bring in items to fill the shoeboxes and they will be delivered to children in Ukraine.

On Thursday 8th December, Julie Rowlandson, from International Aid Trust, came to collect 50 shoeboxes!! Julie was delighted to see so many boxes and her car was well and truly full to the rafters!! We have 40 Tutor Groups, so this means that we had an extra 10 this year!! Some Tutor Groups filled more than one shoebox and some of our staff contributed too.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported this wonderful charity. We know that times are challenging financially and your generosity is absolutely amazing. The shoeboxes will make such a difference to children in Ukraine and they will be on their way there very soon. Thank you also for the money donations that we received as this will contribute to the cost of sending them.

 A special mention to our Middle School Council elves who checked and sorted the boxes and who have become experts in power-wrapping!

Here are some photographs showing Middle School Council members Fraser and Yumna, Julie Rowlandson from International Aid Trust and Mrs Mackintosh.

You can read more about International Aid Trust and the work that they do here.

Mrs Mackintosh and the Middle School Council.