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Science Club Trip to London

19 July 2017

On Friday 30th June, the Year 7 and Year 8 Science Club students, went on a trip to London. They visited both the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum and had a wonderful day exploring the world of Science.

Here are some reports from students who went on the trip and there are photographs from the day to see too:

We went to London last week and I really enjoyed it. It would have been my fifth time going to London but I still liked it.

We first left to go on the train to London which took around two hours. When we first got there we went on the Underground. Most people didn’t really like it because it was crowded, hot and loud, but we weren’t on it for that long. I like the Underground and I’ve been on it a few times so it wasn’t that bad. We then got off to go to the Natural History Museum. When we first got there we looked at human evolution. We then split up into four groups. Our group looked at the causes of earthquakes and what happens during them. Then we looked at dinosaur fossils, then human biology.

Once our group met up, we went outside and had lunch. That lasted around 20 minutes. After we finished that we went into the Science Museum. In there we had a treasure hunt on who could find the most objects. Once we finished that which took an hour, we then went into a place called WonderLab This was where you would test out lots of different experiments so it was very interactive. There we lots of them to do but my favourite was the slides with different feels to each one, one having fake grass, one having plastic and the other having wood. Depending on which one you went on it would make you go faster or slower. We then left there and went back on the underground, so we could get to pizza hut for tea.

We were there for about an hour and then we walked to Kings Cross Station to see where they filmed Harry Potter, platform 9 and three quarters. We then had to walk back to the main station so we could get the train back to Preston. That took around two hours as well.

Caitlin Robinson Year 8


On the 30th June 25 Science club members (along with some of the Science staff), were privileged to get to go down to London. Whilst in London, we journeyed on the train and the Underground (which went a little too fast for me), to arrive at our destinations: The Natural History Museum and The Science Museum.

During our time at the museums, I’m sure we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, seeing many interesting things. When we walked through the doors we were greeted with a magnificent sight: a life size skeleton of a Stegosaurus!  Before continuing our trip around the museum, we split into groups to see separate things. In my group, we saw many fascinating skeletons, fossils and artefacts, along with seeing many realistic reconstructions of extinct animals and many taxidermists examples. After seeing this, and taking many photos, we treated ourselves to some souvenirs and lunch in the garden.

Following lunch we moved on to the Science Museum. Here we took part in a treasure hunt, this brought us to many interesting places; an area about space, another about machinery, one about energy and finally a section about the future. Despite not winning the treasure hunt, I found this, along with many others, very educational.

Later in the afternoon, we went to the WonderLab, which is a very hands-on activity zone that is both educational and fun. Whilst in there, I found it very enjoyable, like others, exploring fiction with slides, along with exploring sound with Sound Bite, a music player that, when bitten (with your fingers in your ears), allows you to hear music.

After a great time at the museums, we set off for Pizza Hut. When we arrived, we tucked into a delicious buffet with pizza and refillable drinks. With our stomachs full, we walked down to Kings Cross Station, for something I was personally very happy about … to see Platform 9¾.

Once we had returned to the train station, I reflected on the fun, educational time I had, that I had spent with my friends.

Frankie Poulter Year 7

Tiredly, we headed down to the train station, prepared for the long journey ahead, and despite waking up so early we were looking forward to our Science trip to London’s Natural History and Science museum. On the train, we were situated around our friends and we were free to chat and play games – doing this, the journey flew by.

Around late morning, we arrived in London; we were all overwhelmed by the amount of traffic and people walked the street – even though it was morning. Next, we travelled a short walk down to the Natural History Museum. It was amazing! Where ever you looked you would see something different: skulls; bones; fossils; gems and a hall of stuffed animals. In the entrance, there was a huge glowing, red ball, that contained an escalator to the next floor. One of the new attractions they had was a dinosaur fossil – it was huge! Already our feet were tiring, it was time for lunch, with the beautiful weather, we sat outside the Natural History museum for lunch.

Packing away our dinner and putting it in the bin, we headed down to the science museum, the queue for the Natural History museum’s was huge but the Science museum’s line was short and we were quickly inside. Inside lay a wonder of things, often they showed things through the ages: a tower of old cars; steam-engines; old T.V. The Science museum was very interactive. After we visited the main body of the museum and completed a quiz, we headed down to a large room with all ‘hands-on’ activities: friction slides; air tubes that blew different materials; clouds of smoke, rising from tubes; spinning ropes; chairs to hoist yourself up in and much more. After a long day out though, we had to go for tea. Fortunately, it was Pizza Hut!

Our stomachs were now full though, and it was time we headed back. On this day, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and made new memories. Not only this but I learned lots too! We finally arrived back at 9:30, still buzzing from our day.

Abigail Poulter WN3 (WN1 at the time of event)

Thank you to these students for their exciting reports of their day in London.


Science Trip June 2017

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