18 July 2019

Congratulations to Maddison Ginger, in Year 9, who is continuing to be very successful with her ice skating.

She has progressed from beginner level to level 6 in a really short period of time this year.

Maddison has skated against many other talented individuals and as a result has succeeded in getting to the British Championships in Sheffield that were held in July 2019.

Maddison is currently ranked in 20th place in Great Britain at intermediate level.

School, Mr and Mrs Ginger, and Maddison's coach Linzi are incredibly proud of Maddison and her amazing achievements.

Well done Maddison. We look forward to hearing more about your future ice skating successes.

The photographs below show Maddison and her coach Linzi.

Thank you to Mrs Ginger for the information and photographs.

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