25 April 2018

Congratulations to Evie Fairbrother, in Year 10, on her recent sporting achievements with her pony Peggy.

Evie and pony Peggy qualified for The Pony Club dressage championships held on Saturday 14th April in Buckingham and the British Riding club dressage championships on Sunday 15th April in Lincoln.

On Saturday, Evie competed against riders from all over the country. There were twenty five very good riders and Evie came 10th, which was wonderful as a number of the other riders were a lot older than Evie.

Then on Sunday, Evie represented Longton Riding Club and won her class out of twenty five riders. Following on from that amazing achievement Evie’s team of four then went on to beat the other twenty teams so a double celebration.

Evie has also been interviewed by two magazines, including Horse & Hound, and should feature in them in the next few weeks.

What wonderful achievements Evie, for you and Peggy. We look forward to hearing more about your future successes with Peggy and hope that you and your family enjoy reading your articles in the Horse and Hounds and the other magazine.


Thank you to Evie’s Mum for the information and the photographs.

Tags: Sports News