18 October 2017

Huge congratulations to Adam Butler, in Year 11, and his sister Livia, in Year 7, who are Judo gold medal winners.

Adam and Livia competed in the recent Lancashire Judo Championships at the beginning of October and both won gold medals in their respective categories.

Livia took part in the Judo Minors British Championships in Cardiff at the end of September and won a gold medal.

In December 2016, Adam was selected to play for the England Judo squad. Adam is also our current Head Boy and doing a superb job.

We look forward to hearing more about Adam and Livia’s future success in the world of Judo.

You can read more news about Adam’s past Judo success in this news article.

Adam and Livia at the Lancashire Judo Championships in October 2017

Livia at the Judo Minors British Championships in Cardiff in September 2017

Thank you to Mrs Butler for the information and photographs.

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