Balshaw’s Church of England High School

Governor Recruitment

Governors constitute the largest group of volunteers in the UK and they fulfil an incredibly important role and have significant responsibility.  It is a rewarding role for those who are prepared to make the commitment to school governance.

One of our governors recently made an analogy with that of a ship.  The school is like a ship: the headteacher is the captain with his officers on the bridge (the SLT) overseeing the wider crew (staff) ensuring that the passengers (students) successfully reach their target destination.  The Governors are the coast authorities, checking that the ship has the correct course, it is travelling at the right speed and the information about its passengers is correct.  They will check the documentation and figures for the ship's inventory is correct, that it has the right levels of crew and supplies.  They are able to challenge the captain and his crew to ensure that they provide the right information to enable the coast authorities to offer the appropriate support and challenge.

This is a useful starting point for thinking about governance and the link here will take you to a more detailed document What Governors do.

There are currently vacancies for Co-opted governors.  These are governors recruited to the Governing Body because they have skills or experience that the existing governors' skills audit suggests would be beneficial.  Currently the school would very much welcome applications from people with the following skills (click here to access the formal advertisement here)

  • Financial management and strategic financial planning

Even if you don't have these specific skills, the governors welcome expressions of interest from those who may have something that they could bring to the governing body now or in the future.

If you would like further information, please contact the school to speak to Steve Haycocks, the Headteacher, or to speak to the Chair of Governors:  Keith Woodcock.

If you would like to make an application, then please click here for an application form.